LegalCont® group is a corporate firm that brings together lawyers and accountants widely qualified on issues related to management and consulting with clients both in the business field as particular.
Our interdisciplinary team includes qualified professionals, with experience and special emphasis on subjects such as statutory auditor, tax planning, costs, portfolio, administrative accounting, commercial law, tax right, labor law, contractual and extra-contractual civil liability.
We put our capabilities and expertise to provide, through integral consultants, legal advice, accounting and tax services in areas of interest for the resolution of practical problems.


We want to share with you, the advantages of interdisciplinary working groups comprised of accountants and lawyers specialized in different branches: with this strategy we facilitate synergies in the solution of problems and queries of our customers. Within our portfolio of services includes:


▪ Consulting and tax planning for commercial companies and nonprofit organizations.
▪ Classify, record, analyze and interpret financial information in accordance with the chart of accounts, and the APGA (Accounting principles generally accepted) en Colombia.
▪ Perform accounting ledgers in accordance by Decree 2649 of 1993.
▪ Prepare and submit reports on financial situation and deliver monthly to the Manager a General Balance.
▪ Prepare and submit the tax declarations.
▪ All this in order to ensure that their accounting information meets all legal requirements to make deductions.


▪ Affiliations and retreats of the Integral System of Social Security.
▪ Liquidation payroll and parafiscal contributions that could result.
▪ Discipline Management: Surveillance and monitoring the Internal Work Rules, elaboration of memoranda and attention calls, harassment prevention work programs.
▪ Counseling in Professional Risk and industrial safety, implementation of rules, reduction and control risk.


▪ Management of payroll.
▪ Legal and pre-legal cashing.
▪ Hiring workers: we can hire the required number of employees and they will lend a service, under your rules and condition. We will take care of pay the legal and tax items; or we can hire workers to your company directly.



Comparing our skill and proposal with those of the competition, the benefits of choosing LegalCont® are:
▪ We share with you the advantages the development of interdisciplinary working groups made up of public accountants and lawyers specialists in different branches: with this strategy we facilitate excellent relations to solve problems and inquiries from our customers.
▪ On the operational side, we have staff ready to meet your needs, concerns and questions, seven days a week, through mobilization facilities and private meetings in our facilities, which are equipped with welcoming spaces for study and consulting.
▪ In our years in the middle, we have positioned our company in the department of Antioquia, expanding our presence throughout the country.
▪ Recognition of the company
▪ Experience and stability
▪ straightness and trust
▪ Customer Service
Our professionals have all the attitudes to work in the areas of knowledge that we offer and our successful career at a professional level, makes us an enviable partner in this project.  Forward to forming a mutually rewarding relationship with you if you let us.
We hope that our services are considered attractive for you to hire us.